Yelangu C8 Camera Cage Top Handle Tripod Mount Plate 15mm Rod base for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic

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1.CNC machining and surface anodizing treatment.

2. The handle design can be adjusted back and forth.

3. The design of the handle and the frame can be adjusted to the left and right to adjust the center of gravity, more secure.

4. The handles can be mounted on both sides of the frame for handheld filming, and another handle can be purchased for dual-handed filming.

5. Install the camera position quick design to achieve quick installation and removal.

6. Quickly install the plate with a limited position to prevent the camera from slipping out.

7. There are 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes in many places to facilitate the installation of various auxiliary accessories.

8. The handle and the frame are designed with a cold shoe opening, which can directly connect the accessories with the hot shoe interface.

9. The bottom of the frame is designed with a universal 38mm international standard pan/tilt, which can be directly mounted on a tripod of 38mm pan/tilt.