Yelangu LED204 on-Camera LED Video Light Dimmable Bi-color

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  • DESIGN: Ultra-Thin 21mm/0.83, Light Weight 289.1g/10.2 Oz. 204 pcs LED Lights. Easy Multiple Stitching
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: CRI 85, Bi-Color Temperature 3300K-5600K. Stepless Dimming 100-5%
  • POWER COMPATIBILITY: Output 13W, 1000lm
  • BATTERIES: L Series Battery Plate Built-in, DC9-12V External Power
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 LED Panel. 1 Hot Shoe Mount Adapter for All Cameras. 1 User Manual 
  • Highlights
  • 1.Output 13W, 1000lm
  • 2.CRI 85, Bi-Color Temperature 3300K-5600K
  • 3.204 pcs LED Lights
  • 4.Stepless Dimming 100-5%
  • 5.Ultra-Thin 21mm/0.83, Light Weight 289.1g/10.2 Oz
  • 6.L Series Battery Plate Built-in, DC9-12V External Power
  • 7.Easy Multiple Stitching
  • 8.Hot Shoe Mount Adapter for All Cameras
    Product Details
    Attractive appearance light and portable
    LED lights not only with attractive appearance, the body is thin to 21mm/0.83inch, weighs only 289.1g/10.2 Oz,Slim can be so charming, take it out will be a kind of enjoyment
    CRI 85, Bi-Color Temperature 3200K-5600K and step-less dimming 100-5%, Step-less dimming, adjust the brightness of light, so that the light has become more controllable, more freedom to use
    Dual power supply with long endurance LED lights. L Series Battery Plate Built-in, DC9-12V External Power, Support lithium battery and external power supply DC, Two power supply modes, endurance longer, more user-friendly design
    Easy Multiple Stitching as a large LED light
    No glare, soft light; LED lights adopt the lamp panel light, soft light without glare, Output color stability, color saturation, closer to primary colors.
    What’s in the Box
    Hot Shoe Mount/Adapter * 1
    LED light * 1