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Yelangu Mic05 Aluminum alloy Condenser Dslr Video Microphone For Camera Mobile Vlogging

Yelangu Mic05 Aluminum alloy Condenser Dslr Video Microphone For Camera Mobile Vlogging

Обычная цена $29.98 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $29.98 USD
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1.Build-in high performance super-cardioid pickup microphone,using double pickup complementary acoustic interference pickup technology with long distance pickup. wide frequency response and HD Sound resolution, effective pickup distance up to 20m.
2.Using 5123KC noise reduction technology superior noise suppression characteristics.
3.External +10dB sensitivity enhancement switch for different sound intensity to pickup.
4.With low power protection
5.Beautiful shock absorption structure reduce camera mechanical noise and other Vibration noise interference effectively.
6.Easy to mount on camera with standard universal connector
7.The sound collecting tube is made of aluminum which is firm and reliable. can shield electromagnetic interference effectively.
8.Output signal using standard 35mm stereos.
9.Aluminum design, the surface is anodized.sturdy and exquisite.
10.Lithium battery charging function. MINI USB 5V charging port support charging with charging treasure.
11.The super-cardioid type points to the recording and the recording is more directional which can suppress more ambient noise.
12.Through the connector cord you can connect to the phone recording the recording is very clear.


Frequency response:20-16000HZ
Maximum Sound pressure Output:115dBS.P.L
Output impedance:Max. 2KQ1KHz (RL-2KQ)
Opearting electrict current:Max.3.5mA
Charging time:1h
Product standard operating voltage:3.0-4.2
Sensitivity bias:1.5V-1.0V Sensitivity Variation less than 3dB
Sensitivity:-37土2dB RL=2.2KΩ Vs=1.5V( 1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa)


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